Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Riverspoons Now Up & Running!

Hello everyone! I’m John and I’ve been collecting action figures since 2007. I’ve been shifting to different toy lines for the past few years, some of my main lines were Transformers, Marvel Legends, Gi Joe & Marvel Universe. May 2011 was a new start for me when I decided to shift to the 1/6th scale scene. I also do my own custom figures as well, from 1/18th scale all the way up to 1/6th. 
This blog is dedicated to my one sixth scale collection. Where I'll be featuring my reviews, custom figures, and also share news & updates on the one sixth scale scene. Thanks for all the support and to my lovely wife Anna, whose always been my #1 fan and supporter.


  1. How can i buy? or call 4048241463 AC.

  2. The Avengers series 1 Tony Stark &Jarvis action figure I really need them for my personal collection. How much to buy both of them?