Thursday, November 15, 2012

ZCWO Blackjack Review by: Riverspoons / OSR

It was my privilege to review this figure for One Sixth Republic. This is our first tie-up review featuring ZC WO Blackjack figure based on the Manga/Anime made by Osamu Tezuka who is the famous creator of Astroboy. Thanks to Mark of OSR for providing the figure and the opportunity. 

ZCWO Blackjack

Produced by: ZC World
Headsculpt: Iminime Rainman
Painting: GuGu Chris
Costume Design: ZC World 

Review Photos & Art Direction by: Riverspoons

Product Specification: 
- Blackjack Headsculpt (OVA Version)
- ZCWO Male Body, 5pcs of Hands

- Black Jacket and Black Slacks
- White Long Sleeve Shirt, Red Butterfly Tie (Metal Wire Inside)
- Black Vest
- Black Overcoat
- Black Shoes
- Belt

- Black Briefcase
- Surgery Tools:
     Medicine Holder x 3
- Red Wine
- Glasses
- Pipe
- Action Figure Stand with Blackjack Logo  

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