Thursday, December 13, 2012

Riverspoons Customs: John Blake 1/6 Scale Figure

It took me three months to complete the parts for this custom. I'm so glad that finally I've finished my John Blake kitbash based on The Dark Knight Rises Movie. The head sculpt was produced by ELEVEN. Most of the clothing are from toylines like 21st Century Toys & Dragon. I made a custom Gotham badge and patch for more accurate detail.

Head Sculpt: ELEVEN
Body: TTM Body
Clothing: 21st Century
Shoes: Dragon
Radio: Hot Toys
Gun: Dragon

Art Direction / Photography: Riverspoons


  1. It's a modified 21st Century Toys Black Jacket, I reduced the pockets infront, (originally it has 4) and added I Gotham City Badge & the Gotham City Patch (both custom made).