Sunday, December 15, 2013

Game of Thrones Eddard Stark: Riverspoons Custom

Probably one of the hardest custom I made. The Iron Throne is built from scratch using a cardboard, 100 popsicles sticks & 200 coffee stirrers, I added air clay as putty & epoxy clay for all the sculpted details. Hand painted & washed to make the iron throne feel. Not really as accurate as the actual model. But this is my own interpretation using the tools I have.

The Ned Stark figure has it’s own challenge as well, it took me 3 months to gather all the textile I needed to make the costume. Everything is hand sewn from the cape, leather vest, grey jacket, & brown pants. 

The Headsculpt is a modified Wolfking german head, added the hair sculpt & the facial hair. I used a pair of DX Joker hands for the gloves, & a Dragon German boots. 

As for the sword, I think it was based from an Anime series, but since the sword is quite in scale I used it as well to complete my figure. Enjoy the photos!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Riverspoons Customs 1/6th Scale Bruce Banner Manhattan Rescue Version

Presenting my 1/6th scale Bruce Banner custom figure together with my first 1/6th scale vehicle custom, an classic Triumph Bonneville as seen on the movie! The custom Bruce Banner figure is a modified version of the unofficial Banner figure I reviewed few months back. I modified the head with a new hairstyle, and a new paint job as well.

A for the outfit, the upper shirt came from a Panzergrenadier figure, I replaced the shirts big buttons with smaller ones which is custom made. The pants came from Triad Toys suit. This one is too big and baggy, which is quite accurate from the movie, since he uses a bigger pants after he fell out on the old warehouse. I weathered the pants to make it full old & dusty.

As for the Triumph Bonneville, this is a model kit made by New Ray, which is pretty hard to come by this days, much more here in Philippines. The original paint job of this motorcycle is quite toyish & cheap. Good thing about this kit, is you can dissemble it to the last screw. It had a lot of fun detailing & weathering this motorbike. I modified the handle bar as well, I shortened it just like in the movie.


Riverspoons Customs: League of Shadows Bruce Wayne Part 2

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