Friday, February 1, 2013

Damtoys Gangsters Kingdom Spade J Review by: Riverspoons / OSR

For my third review for One Sixth Republic, we're featuring Damtoys newest line Gangsters Kingdom Spade J. We're not sure yet where the figure is based from, a lot said it looks like a Jason Stratham. Enjoy the photos, and special thanks to Mark of OSR for providing the figure.

Product Features: 

  • Real Like Headsculpt
  • Action Body
  • Peaked Cap
  • Long Sleeve Black T-shirt
  • Heavy motorcycle leather jacket
  • Black Jeans
  • Leather Boots(one pair)
  • Palm x 3
  • P226 Pistol
  • P226 Magazine x 2
  • PPK Pistol & Pistol Silencer
  • Sling Blade
  • Ankle Holsters
  • Diesel Bag
  • Silver Necklace

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