Sunday, February 24, 2013

Riverspoons Customs: Kenshin Himura 1/6 Scale Figure Version 3

It's been five months since I made this Kenshin Himura 1/6 scale custom figure. The first version of the kimono was really bad, though I am proud of it when I made it.  The kimono cloth was too thick and has a velvet like texture, the hakama is a cotton fabric.

The second Kimono version is made of red cotton fabric and the hakama was done with thick texture fabric. With the 2 version I'm still not satisfied with the result, I really wanted to achieve the flowing kimono and a drape like hakama.  I visited a Textile store and look for the best textile I can found and here it is!  My third take on my Kenshin Himura Kimono set!

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