Wednesday, February 27, 2013

ZCWO A Better Tomorrow - Mark Review by: Riverspoons / OSR

For my fourth review for One Sixth Republic, We're featuring ZC World's Premier Collection, A Better Tomorrow "Mark". The likeness of Chow Yun Fat on the headsculpt is spot on! it is made by Rainman of IMINIME. The clothing is well tailored, it has tons of accessories as well as a diorama backdrop. This is certainly a must buy for the fans of the movie.  Enjoy the photos, and special thanks to ZCWO for sending us the figure.

ZCWO Premier Collection

Headsculpt – IMINIME (Rainman)
Painting - IMINIME
Costume Design - ZCWORLD Tailor Team

Product Specification:
1) “A Better Tomorrow” Mark Headsculpt
2) ZCWO Male Body, 3pair of Hands
3) Black Jacket and Black Slacks
4) White Long Sleeve Shirt, Vest, Patterned Tie
5) Black Overcoat
6) Black Shoes
7) 80’s Brick Style Mobile Phone
8) Sunglasses X 2 (Attached to the face magnetically)
9) Banknote, UV banknote detector, Painting Plate
10) Pistol x 3, Pistol Magazine x 6
11) Cigarette , Match.
12) Scene: (Flower Pot x 2, Plant x 2, Marble Stand x 2, Back Scene).
13) Action Figure Stand x 4 (Connectible)

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