Friday, March 1, 2013

Riverspoons Review: 1/6 Scale HOW2WORK Initial-D Bunta & Takumi Fujiwara

It never crossed my mind that I'll have these two characters in my 1/6 scale collection! I saw this on ebay and got a pretty good deal out of it. These two are rare nowadays, and has been sold out. It was released way back August 2005.

Both headsculpts are spot on! I really liked how they captured their likeness on manga and the anime. Both are fully loaded with extra clothing, the body has very tight joints and sturdy.

As an avid fan of the anime series, I'm really glad I got these two figures. It's a must buy for Initial-D collectors, once you got this though,  you'll wish theres a 1/6 Toyota Trueno available in the market.

Product Features:


- Bunta Headsculpt
- Articulated Body
- White Shirt
- White Polo
- Gray Sweater
- Fujiwara Tofu Shop Apron
- Blue Jeans
- Boxer Shorts
- Wood Sandals
- A pair of Bendy hands
- Cigarette

- Takumi Headsculpt
- Articulated Body
- White Shirt with Black Colar
- Yellow Sweater
- Blue Long Sleeve
- Blue Pants
- Blue Jeans
- Blue Boxer Shorts
- Black Belt
- Checkered Bow Tie
- A pair of White Socks
- A pair of Nike White Sneakers
- A pair of Black Boots
- A pair of Bendy hands

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