Sunday, May 26, 2013

Hot Toys Mark VII Tony Stark Head Sculpt

Since there's been a lot of post regarding the MK 7 headsculpt, some really hate it, some liked it. For me, compared to the previous RDJ HS, this one is much more detailed, But unfortunately the likeness is quite off.

I tried fixing the HS via photoshop, here's list of tweaked areas on my modified photo.

- Contracted the head size 
- original head too wide
- Fixed the eyebrow shape
- Fixed eye position 
- adjusted a little higher
- Fixed eyeball size - slightly bigger
- Fixed nose position
- Fixed nose tip size - decreased size
- Decreased lower lip size
- Fixed lip position - slightly lower

Just felt bad after seeing the result. Hot Toys almost had it. but didn't see these flaws. MK7 should've been a great RDJ HS! But even with these flaws, I think the MK7 is still worth a purchase. original head photo by: elljay