Friday, July 26, 2013

Riverspoons 1/6 Scale Wolverine Custom Figure

If there's one thing that is missing on the Hot Toys Wolverine is the likeness of Hugh Jackman. It does look like Wolverine as the character but you won't see Hugh in it. I always wanted to have Wolvy for my collection, so I decided to work on this custom.

The headsculpt is a modified Hugh Jackman Headplay, I scrapped off his hair and added a new hair sculpt as well as the facial hairs.

The adamantium claws are made from table fork, It was sharpened and planted on a normal closed fist HT hands. It was a lot of work sharpening these metal claws & planting it. All the hard work paid off when I attached the claw hands on the body & completed my custom!

Enjoy the photos! :)

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