Friday, August 16, 2013

Riverspoons Custom: 1/6th Scale Sanosuke Sagara

Sanosuke Sagara is one of the key characters of the movie Rurouni Kenshin. The movie is based on the hit anime series Samurai X. Since I made a custom Kenshin figure last year, this time I made his side kick.

The headsculpt has a custom wig which came from an old Japanese doll. Trimmed the hair to match Sanosuke's hair style. I resculpted an old 21st Century headsculpt to make it more Japanese. I repainted the TTL body as well to match the skin tone of the head sculpt and the body.

The costume was done from scratch with used clothing as my source of cloth. The shoes is also made of black cloth with rubber sole.

The Zanbato or the Big long sword is made from a wood ruler. I added the details on the wood by damaging it with different kinds of pointed objects to make it old and damaged. Added a handle bar with straps and sculpted the handle's base.

This was one of my surprise custom figure I displayed at Toycon last June. Finally had a time to shoot this figure. Enjoy the rest of the photos!

Riverspoons Review: Unofficial Bank Robber Joker Outfit

Hot Toys Bank Robber Joker was released way back 2009, that figure is pretty scarce & pricey nowadays so for a collector like me, I always go and look for an alternative solution.

Few months ago, an unofficial Bank Robber outfit was released by Asmus Toys & another one from unknown brand in China found in ebay. I didn't choose the Asmus version because it doesn't come up with the Gym bag, for me that is essential to complete the look. So I settled with the unknown brand which I luckily purchased locally with a fellow collector.

I'm surprised for the quality of the suit, it is well tailored, I used a generic cloned Hot Toys body and it fits well. You only need to provide a Joker headsculpt. Since DX11 Joker has an extra head, I used the calm one for this review. I also provided 2 black gloves from my HT Snake Eyes.

Overall for the price I paid, this is really a great purchase! A great alternative for the Hot Toys release, if you want to be practical, and maximize your DX11 Joker's stuff, well this is a good alternative way to have this Bank Robber figure displayed on your collection.

Unoffcial Bank Robber Outfit
Product Specification:
- 1 Mask
- 1 Gray Suit
- 1 Long Sleeve
- 1 Gray Pants
- 1 Belt
- 1 Pair of Shoes
- 1 Hand Gun
- 1 Blue Bag
- 3 Frag Grenade
- 3 Smoke Grenade

* Headsculpt came from HT DX11 Joker 2.0
* Gloves came from HT Snake Eyes
* Body not included