Friday, August 16, 2013

Riverspoons Review: Unofficial Bank Robber Joker Outfit

Hot Toys Bank Robber Joker was released way back 2009, that figure is pretty scarce & pricey nowadays so for a collector like me, I always go and look for an alternative solution.

Few months ago, an unofficial Bank Robber outfit was released by Asmus Toys & another one from unknown brand in China found in ebay. I didn't choose the Asmus version because it doesn't come up with the Gym bag, for me that is essential to complete the look. So I settled with the unknown brand which I luckily purchased locally with a fellow collector.

I'm surprised for the quality of the suit, it is well tailored, I used a generic cloned Hot Toys body and it fits well. You only need to provide a Joker headsculpt. Since DX11 Joker has an extra head, I used the calm one for this review. I also provided 2 black gloves from my HT Snake Eyes.

Overall for the price I paid, this is really a great purchase! A great alternative for the Hot Toys release, if you want to be practical, and maximize your DX11 Joker's stuff, well this is a good alternative way to have this Bank Robber figure displayed on your collection.

Unoffcial Bank Robber Outfit
Product Specification:
- 1 Mask
- 1 Gray Suit
- 1 Long Sleeve
- 1 Gray Pants
- 1 Belt
- 1 Pair of Shoes
- 1 Hand Gun
- 1 Blue Bag
- 3 Frag Grenade
- 3 Smoke Grenade

* Headsculpt came from HT DX11 Joker 2.0
* Gloves came from HT Snake Eyes
* Body not included


  1. Where did you purchase the body?

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