Thursday, October 10, 2013

Riverspoons Review: The Doctor - 1/6th Scale Bruce Banner Figure

This is an unofficial release of a 1/6 scale Bruce Banner figure, It is made in china but no company indicated on the box. It was packaged on a compact box, the cover sleeve is poorly designed.

The headsculpt is somewhat passable for me. It wasn't spot on, but in a way I can see Mark Ruffalo's likeness. It has a decent tailored gray suit & purple long sleeves. & what I liked on this figure is, It is heavy & comes with a muscle body.

For the the price I paid, I think this is a decent buy. I'm still planning to get the official release. but for now he'll be a temporary banner on my collection. Since it will be a long wait for the Hot Toys release.

Product Specification:
- 1 Headsculpt
- 1 Articulated muscle body
- 1 Gray suit
- 1 Gray pants
- 1 Purple long sleeve
- 1 Pair of shoes
- 1 Pair of white socks
- 1 Eye glass
- 1 Pair of closed fist hands
- 1 Pair of relaxed hands
* Black watch & shield folder are not included (used only for presentation)

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