Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Dark Knight Riverspoons Customs

My Lt. James Gordon kitbash. The head came from the Hot Toys release, & the clothing came from various brands.

A quick update to my Lucius Fox, now with a hairstyle upgrade! I used the Morgan Freeman Headplay and sculpted a new hair based from his hair from the movie.

I call this a Poorman's Scarecrow! Since Scarecrow is too pricey nowadays, I decided to just make a kitbash. I used the headsculpt from Headplay, added a custom glasses, a Scarecrow mask & folder.

The League of Shadows Ra's Al Ghul! The headsculpt is a modified Liam Neeson Headplay, I re-sculpted the hair and added the facial hair. The League of Shadows costume is made from scratch except the Batman gauntlets.

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