Thursday, January 16, 2014

Riverspoons Custom: Two-Face / The Dark Knight

Missed this figure when it came out back in 2008, since I wasn't collecting Hot Toys back then. Every TDK collector needs this piece for their collection. Since this figure got too pricey nowadays, I decided to make one. I got a replica head off from ebay & I added more movie accurate details.

The suit came from the "The Doctor" a unofficial bruce banner figure, I sculpted the burnt details over the suit, based on the official two-face suit photo I got. I think Hot Toys got it wrong as for the suit since they made the burnt details for the whole half of the suit.

The tie sculpted as well. since this one is hard to come by. It has a garter around the neck. Enjoy the rest of the photos!

Headsculpt - Modified/Resculpted replica of Hot Toys Two-face
Suit - Modified Grey Suit (added burnt details)
Tie - Custom made
Shoes - Asmus Toys
Gun - Hot Toys Barney Ross Revolver
Coin - Lego (modified & sculpted)

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