Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Riverspoons Custom: 1/6th Scale 47 Ronin "Kai"

Working on a Samurai custom is always a treat, & finally after 2 weeks working on this Project 47 Ronin, It’s officially done! The joy of seeing your finished work as you’ve imagined it right before you start is really fulfilling.

The headsculpt is a modified Headplay Keanu Reeves, I cut out the neck & made a ball joint peg inside to fit the Hot Toys TTM19 Muscle Body. Sculpted the hair & facial hair with Apoxie Sculpt. then repaint the head, & painted the sculpted details with acrylic paint.

All clothing are hand sewn from scratch, even the shoes are made from leather fabric! Choosing the right fabric is really important, took me 3 tries to get the look that I want for the olive green kimono. Since I wanted it to be flowing & not too stiff. The Samurai is made of Die-cast metal, which I purchased from Japan. I modified the handle to match the likeness from the movie.

Enjoy the photos! =D

Riverspoons Sneak Peek: "Kai" 47 Ronin

Sneak peek of my current project "Kai", based from the movie 47 Ronin. One more garment to go! I'm really excited to finish this custom figure.

Riverspoons Custom: 1/6th Scale William Blake "Dead Man"

Some people are clueless about this movie, It's one of the classic western Johnny Depp movie back in '95 titled "Dead Man". I can say it's one of the challenging custom I made since almost everything is tailored from scratch (except the inner long sleeves).

For the headsculpt, I used the Headplay Johnny Depp since the head was based on a younger Johnny Depp. I sculpted the hat and the hair with apoxie sculpt.

The plaid vest & pants was a Pierre Cardin... hanky. Yes, seriously I got the textile from a handkerchief! It was handsewn by my uncoordinated hands. Good thing I pulled it off. The indian pouch was made from scratch as well with some materials found here at home. The bear skin trench coat is handsewn as well with a microfiber cloth.

The whole movie was shot black & white, good thing there's a behind the scene photos found in google, so I was able to find the right colors of the costume for this project.

Riverspoons Custom 1/6th Scale The Last of Us "Clickers"

A big fan of the game & probably one of my favorite project done. It's nice to sculpt the head without worrying proportions of the human face, yet being distinct on every detail I can apply on the figure. Ripping some 1/6th clothing is a treat & also making them look dirty.

The base was made from scratch using a cardboard, sandpaper, & some epoxy clay. The victims body is actually a Barbie doll. I sculpted the guts with the inspiration from Walking Dead, A very enjoyable build but very violent piece!