Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Riverspoons Custom: 1/6th Scale William Blake "Dead Man"

Some people are clueless about this movie, It's one of the classic western Johnny Depp movie back in '95 titled "Dead Man". I can say it's one of the challenging custom I made since almost everything is tailored from scratch (except the inner long sleeves).

For the headsculpt, I used the Headplay Johnny Depp since the head was based on a younger Johnny Depp. I sculpted the hat and the hair with apoxie sculpt.

The plaid vest & pants was a Pierre Cardin... hanky. Yes, seriously I got the textile from a handkerchief! It was handsewn by my uncoordinated hands. Good thing I pulled it off. The indian pouch was made from scratch as well with some materials found here at home. The bear skin trench coat is handsewn as well with a microfiber cloth.

The whole movie was shot black & white, good thing there's a behind the scene photos found in google, so I was able to find the right colors of the costume for this project.


  1. Is there any way to commission a figure for purchase? Great work!

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