Thursday, July 17, 2014

1/6th Scale Arrow 2.0 Riverspoons Custom Figure

It’s finally done! & I’m so proud to have this figure made for the second time! After spending countless hours researching, sculpting, painting, sewing this & making this as articulated as possible. I’m stoked to see this all made up just like what I imagined. All the hard work paid off & I’m just so happy to see this done.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

1/6th Scale Riverspoons Arrow 2.0 Work in Progress

It's been a year since I first made this figure, and it's nice to revisit and build this again from scratch. This time it's a bit more challenging since I want to retain most of the articulation.

One big thing I focused on while working on my Arrow 2.0 is the articulation. I've seen others attempt, and I'm avoiding their mistake by sacrificing the articulation. Much worse having it only a standing pose & can't even raise or hold draw the bow & arrow the way it should. Arrow's suit is tight & working on a leatherette is a tough job. I've come up with the technique the way the original suit was sewn.  My previous work does move well though, but the suit is too loose.

Still need to work on the headsculpt, weapons and belt straps. Hoping to finish this soon and can't wait showcase this figure soon.