Friday, March 27, 2015

Riverspoons Studios 1/6th Scale "The Eagle" Marcus Flavius Aquila Custom Figure

Some thought I already stopped customizing 1/6th scale figures. Well It’s been I while since I completed one, but I am glad to have finally finished one of the hardest custom I was commissioned to. It was based from Channing Tatum’s character Marcus Flaviius Aquila from the movie “The Eagle”.

There are a lot of challenges on this figure, primarily the leather body armor which I sculpted from scratch. From straps, shin guard, cape, wrist band all were handmade. The headsculpt is modified with new hair sculpt and a new paint job. The Roman Helmet,Sword, Knife and buckles came from an old Ignite Roman figure which I repainted & weathered. As for the Shield, all details were sculpted from scratch.

Overall I am very satisfied how this figure turned out, I’m just glad I’ve made this just like what I’ve planned.

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  1. fabulous work, gorgeous, i want one . is it for sale