Thursday, March 31, 2016

Riverspoons Studios Star Wars Luke Skywalker & Tauntaun Custom Pop! Figures

I'm glad to share my latest piece to start off my Star Wars Hoth Series, I present Luke Skywalker with Tauntaun Custom Pop! figures. This project materializes when I purchased an old Kenner Power of the Force Tauntaun figure. I re-sculpted the eye part, made it bigger and circular. Repainted the whole figure and added leather straps.

As for Luke Skywalker Hoth Funko Pop! figure, The head was completely stripped off, I added a real cloth for his scarf, and garter for the goggles. The winter vest is a new sculpt over the stock figure. The Leg part was cut and extended into sitting position.

Overall this project is challenging, and I am really glad how it turned out.

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