Sunday, April 2, 2017

Riverspoons Studios Marty McFly Custom Pop! Figure

“Mart… Eastwood…. Clint Eastwood” - Marty McFly

One from my childhood all time fave Back to the Future! Marty in his pink cowboy outfit from the 3rd movie of the trilogy. Originally, I planned to use Mike Teevee Funko Pop from Willy Wonka as my base figure. But upon reviewing the details I decided it would be much better to sculpt all the details on a clearer body rather than modify everything on an existing details. So I used Nathan Drake as the base body and then I sculpted most of the upper body details. I hope to add more from this line in the future. watch out for it! :)

Photography, Additional Sculpting, & Hand Painted by John Lucas Reyes

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